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Canopée wines are always carefully selected and tasted by our oenologist , in order to offer you the best tasting experience.


Alpes de Haute Provence

indication géographique protégée

Raisin - Rosé.png

the vineyard

Let's go to the south-east of France, to discover an unknown micro-vineyard with Provençal accents steeped in tradition.


This terroir with very tormented relief benefits from a full range of landscapes and climates, ranging from the Alpine type to the Mediterranean type, from the Durance valley to the dry and sunny plateaus of the south.

It is here that this fruity and aromatic rosé is born, which awakens the palate with its typically Provençal soul.

Verres trinquent - Rosé.png

the wine

The importance of these geographical features is not the least. It is the assurance of a unique taste in the mouth through greediness and simplicity.

This rosé is dressed in a clear, captivating and characteristic robe of the rosés of Provence.

There are beautiful notes  of citruses and fruits, which  sublimate with finesse the aromatic persistence of this wine.

Canopée 3D - Rosé - Tranche Avantages.jpg
Ancre - Blanc


côtes de gascogne

indication géographique protégée

Raisin - Blanc.png

the vineyard

It is a unique terroir, nestled in the heart  in the South-West, a symbol of conviviality and pleasure.  

The Gascony vineyard benefits from an oceanic-type climate with mild, wet winters and hot, but often stormy summers. It is also the diversity of the soils that marks the plurality of these wines.

In a region mainly focused on the production of red wine, the Côtes de Gascogne occupy an atypical position in the South-West. In fact, nearly 90% of their production consists of white wines.


This peculiarity  is linked to the tradition of Armagnac, an eau de vie made from the distillation of regional white wines.


Verres trinquent - Blanc.png

the wine

Lively and fruity, this white wine is full of finesse and delicacy.  


Its pale yellow and crystalline color evokes freshness and lightness.  

Its astonishing nose opens up with notes of exotic fruits and citrus fruits, in constant search of the crunchiness of fresh grapes, the signature of Gascony. 

Canopée 3D - Blanc - Tranche Avantages.jpg
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