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it is an innovative packaging system, perfectly designed to extend the shelf life of liquids.

what is it?

Why is it
convenient ?

This small format is light, convenient to carry and easy to store at home.
No need for a corkscrew either, you can take it everywhere and serve yourself directly from the tap.

Consume it when and where you want, you're free

Why is it
economic ?

In a single Bag-in-Box ® Canopée 2.25L, you have the equivalent of 3 bottles of 75cl.
At equal quality, the gain is around 20 to 30%, because it costs less to produce and transport.
Once opened, you can use it for 6 weeks.

No more waste of opened bottles!

Why is it
responsible ?

The Bag-in-Box® is a packaging much lighter than the bottle, and of greater capacity. It is also made of 75% renewable material and its production requires little water and energy. 
Consequence: with considerable savings in transport and storage, the carbon footprint is significantly lower.

Compared to a 75cl bottle, it is divided by 6 !

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